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Submission of request


Receipt of SLA setting the project budget and duration


Signing of agreement by the authorized official and return of the signed copy on the same application.

Service Description

This service allows customers to request the implementation of a statistical survey, including the preparation of methodologies, samples and questionnaires, and the execution of the of the field work. 

Service Details
Service Fees Depends on the project scope​​
Service Request Hours By the date of signing the service-level agreement
Targeted Segment Abu Dhabi local Government entities and Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Authority
Service Scope Estimated cost and duration of implementation (Project outputs: statistical survey data)​
Service Code CRM-SRV-004
Service Type Procedural Service
Documents Required
  1. Previous methodologies (if available- for the purposes of the new methodology  preparation)
  2. The survey questionnaire (if available)
  3. Previous sample design (if available) 
  4. Sampling frame (if available)​
Service Policy
  1. If the service inputs are not provided correctly, customer request will be return for correction.
  2. Requests that cannot be processed due to missing or delayed information will be cancelled within 30 days from the request date.
  3. The survey results cannot be shared or circulated, since they are intended for specific purposes that have to do with the requesting entity.
  4. Any government entity may, after coordinating with Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) and obtaining the necessary approvals, conduct any survey or opinion poll to collect specific data that is directly related to its field of work and not available with SCAD
Customer Experience
  1. I would like to submit a request for a statistical survey within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi 
  2. I inquired about the request procedure
  3. I was informed about the steps to follow in filling out the request
  4. I submitted the request along with the survey objectives through one of the service request channels
  5. I was encouraged to provide feedback on my service request
  6. I received a notification on the website and an email informing me of request type and reference number (ID) and duration of the project, along with the estimated budget detailed in a service level agreement.
  7. I reviewed the agreement and, after adding the signature of the authorized official and the stamp, submitted the document via the dedicated link.
  8. I received a confirmation message informing me that the signed SLA had been successfully submitted
  9. I was encouraged to provide feedback on my service request experience 
  10. I provided feedback about my service request experience with SCAD
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