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Conducting a search for the required statistical data


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Receipt of the request data, part of data or apology

Service Description

This service enables customers to request accurate and reliable statistical data and indicators regarding the following topics:

  • Economy
  • Industry and Business
  • Population and Demography
  • Social Statistics
  • Labour Force
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Any other field within SCAD’s scope of work

Service Details
Service Fees Not applicable
Service Request Hours 5 Days
Targeted Segment Government/Semi-Government entities for Abudhabi and UAE
Service Scope Provision of official statistics on the indicators approved for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Service Code HCS-SRV-001
Service Type Procedural Service
Documents Required
  1. No documents required if the data is not confidential
  2. An official letter is from the requesting entity is required if the data is confidential, stating reasons for requesting the data.  (Soft copies of all document are accepted) 
Service Policy
  1. In case requirements and procedures are not fully completed, customer requests will be returned for correction.
  2. The requests that cannot be handled because of the lack or delay of information within 14 days of applying will be canceled.
  3. The entities may benefit from all the data available on the website or Tamm application and share this data with other entities (considering usage policy). It is not allowed for any entity to circulate, share any confidential data, meant for internal purposes only within the entity, with other consulting offices dealing with the entity, or disclose this data to the public in any way, without written approval from SCAD.
Customer Experience
  1. I would like to receive statistical data on the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
  2. I searched for the required statistical data 
  3. I have inquired about the services of SCAD and the request procedure
  4. I was informed about the steps to follow in filling out the request form 
  5. Prior to the initiation of my service request, I conducted a search for the statistical information I need, using the quick search tool. The step was optional.
  6. I submitted the request as prescribed
  7. I was encouraged to provide feedback on my service request
  8. I received a notification on the website and an email informing me of my request type, request ID, status and the expected date of delivery of the requested service,
  9. I received an email in response, and (in case there were attachments) was provided with the requested data through customer happiness portal (by logging in to the portal)
  10. I was encouraged to provide feedback on my service request experience 
  11. I provided feedback about my service request experience with SCAD.
Service Request Channels
  1. Website
  2. Tamm Application

Scad Feedback Web

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