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Service Description

Customers can receive support from the Customer Happiness Team in response to their questions about all information related to the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi and its scope of projects, methodologies, and provision of published/ publishable data in the following areas: 

  • Economy
  • Industry and Business
  • Population and Demography
  • Social Statistics
  • Labour Force
  • Agriculture and environment​

Service Details
Service Fees ​​Not applicable
Service Request Hours ​24 hours / 7 days through your preferred channel of contact
Targeted Segment All SCAD customers
Service Scope
Service Code
Service Type Informational Service
Documents Required

1. No documents are required unless a particular report is mentioned in the inquiry.
2. An official letter must be sent by the requesting party indicating the data required and the reason for requesting that data if it is confidential and not for publication (all of the documents required are accepted electronically).

Service Policy

1. This page is not intended for use by segments eligible for requesting services from SCAD. 
2. This page is not intended for suggestions, complaints, or gratitude messages.

Customer Experience

1. I wanted to make an inquiry
2. I conducted a search for the information needed.
3. I reviewed the inquiry procedure
4. I was informed about the steps to follow when filling in the inquiry form.
5. I made the inquiry.
6. I was encouraged to share my views and observations on my experience when making an inquiry.
7. I received a notification on the website and an email informing me of my inquiry type, inquiry ID, status, and the expected date of reply.
8. I was received a reply.
9. I shared my views and observations on my experience in dealing with the Center.

Service Request Channels

​Inquiries can be raised through the following channels here 

Scad Feedback Web

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