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​​​​​​​​​​This section provides updated information on Statistical Classifications maintained by SCAD. A classification can be defined as a set of discrete, exhaustive and mutually exclusive observations, which can be assigned to one or more variables to be measured in the collation and/or presentation of data. A classificati​​on provides a common language to arrange the data to help the different users to compare statistics at the national and international levels

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Statistics Classification


International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC)
Agricultural Equipment And Machine
Classification Of Crimes (UNODC)
Classification Of Diseases (ICD)
Classification Of Occupations (ISCO)
Environmental Protection (CEPA)
Functions Of Government (COFOG)
Central Product Classification CPC
Classification Of Education (ISCED)
Broad Economic Categories (BEC)
Uses Of Agricultural Lands
Disability Classification (ICF)
Activities For Time-Use (ICATUS)
Harmonized Commodity (HS)
Indicative Crop (ICC)
Non-Profit Institutions (COPNI)
Classification Of Broad Economic Categories
Individual Consumption (COICOP)
International Trade
Energy Product
European Waste Classification
Government Financial Statistics


Building And Residential

Building Characteristics
Building Status
Prayer Places & Mosques
Residential Unit Type
Source Of Drinking Water
Source Of Water For Domestic
Sources Of Water For The Establishment
Tenure Type
Type (Form) Of Building
Type of Air-Conditioning
Type Of The Substance
Unit Status
Unit Usage


Economic Sector Of The Establishment
Establishment’s Characteristic
Establishment’s Status
Legal Entity
Small, Medium And Large-Sized Establishments
Status Of Gathering The Establishment Data


Employment Status
Relationship To Workforce


Educational Level / Educational Status
Educational Stage
School Enrollment


Gender (Social)
Household Types
Marital Status
Population Clusters
Reasons for Divorce
Relationship To Workforce
Residence Status
Source Of Health Insurance
Status Of Presence

Administrative Divisions

Abu Dhabi Districts

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