Strategic Plan

About the strategic plan

  1. Produce accurate, reliable, and relevant statistical data
    • Ensuring statistical products are created timely and accurately to meet the user needs.
  2. Lead development of statistical systems across Abu Dhabi
    • Directing a comprehensive approach of statistical production in the government through a decentralization model enabled by suitable capabilities building.
  3. Advance the data environment maturity
    • Developing optimized data management, holistic data governance and digitalization.
  4. Provide data-driven and user-centric insights
    • Deploying innovative methods of analytics and insights as well as disseminating forward-looking insights to enable.



Implement a transparent and widely recognized dissemination process

User Centricity

Provide relevant, accessible and up-to-date statistics and analyses that reflect reality, contribute to future foresight


Adopting and strengthening the principle of partnership in the production of official statistics


Ensure the confidentiality of unit-level data of individuals and institutions


Capability to deal with change and development, and to find innovative and sustainable solutions


Commitment to accuracy and consistency in collecting, processing, preserving and disseminating official statistics

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