​​​​ Working with Statistics Center - Abu Dhabi (SCAD)

SCAD seeks to recruit highly competent professionals and develop their skills and talents to support the economic growth strategy of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In accordance with this plan, SCAD is looking to attract competent and committed individuals to work at the Centre and also seek to develop and upgrade their capabilities.

1. SCAD Jobs

SCAD encourages individuals with sufficient experience to apply for jobs with the Centre in all fields related to the collection, processing and dissemination of statistics. It also seeks to employ competent candidates to fill a number of positions in various technical, professional and administrative fields.

For employment, please click here:

Permanent jobs

2. Jobs of Enumerators Fieldwork Projects (Temporary Contracts)

Enumerators’ evaluation depends on:

  • Passing the interview
  • Attending the prescribed training
  • Passing the final test and obtaining the enumerator’s license.
  • To renew the field researcher license, please update your data periodically to undergo evaluation and nomination again, via the following link:

Note: Competent and merit Enumerators are selected.

To apply for the temporary jobs (New/Update Application).

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