Transparency of Foreign Direct Investment Policies Index Opinion Poll

As part of the ongoing efforts to provide accurate economic and social databases that reflect the true state of Abu Dhabi's economic performance, the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi is conducting the Transparency of Foreign Investment Policies opinion poll on behalf of the Department of Economic Development.
Element Description
Survey or opinion poll name Transparency of Foreign Direct Investment Policies Index Opinion Poll
Organization name Department of Economic Development
Theme Economic
Frequency Annual
Sample unit Companies
Data confidentiality
No reports were found.
Element Description
  • To measure the development of economic performance.
  • To assist policymakers in closely monitoring economic activity and intervening promptly to correct the trajectory of various economic sectors, thereby ensuring economic stability and sustained growth.
  • To identify the strengths and weaknesses of government policies related to investment, as well as gather investors' opinions on government policies and procedures.
  • To measure the transparency index of direct foreign investment policy, which assesses the effectiveness of government policies in Abu Dhabi in attracting and promoting foreign direct investment, and evaluates the role of federal and local governments in managing and implementing policies and incentives that impact investors' operations.

Identifying the strengths and weaknesses in government policies and procedures to assess their effectiveness in enhancing the environment for foreign direct investment.

  • Collect the required data for economic indicators
  • Assessing economic growth and development
  • Building the transparency index report for foreign direct investment 


SCAD implements this opinion poll upon request from the Department of Economic Development (DED).

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