Foreign Trade in Services Survey

The International Trade in Services Survey is one of the surveys implemented by SCAD to gain a comprehensive understanding of the conditions surrounding foreign trade in the emirate. The significance of the international trade survey in services lies in the database it provides on foreign trade in services across various economic activities in Abu Dhabi. This data plays a vital role in assessing the contribution of international trade in services to the overall foreign trade of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, as well as at the level of each economic activity within the emirate. Additionally, it facilitates the identification of the most and least contributing activities to foreign trade in services. The data provided through this survey will greatly benefit planners, researchers, government agencies, and investors.
Element Description
Survey or opinion poll name Foreign Trade in Services Survey
Organization name Statistics Centre- Abu Dhabi
Theme Economic
Frequency Annual
Sample unit Companies
Data confidentiality
No reports were found.
Element Description
  • To establish a modern and accurate database on the volume of international trade in services at the Emirate level.
  • To provide the necessary data for preparing national accounts and measuring the contribution of foreign trade in services to the gross domestic product through expenditure.
  • To supply the essential data to support policies and make economic decisions in the field of foreign trade (goods and services) within the Emirate, and to assess the performance of these policies.
  • To furnish the necessary data for project owners, businesspersons, and investors to make informed decisions regarding foreign trade.
  • To contribute to the development of a robust statistical database for the overall economy in the Emirate, particularly in terms of foreign trade.
  • To contribute to the establishment of a national statistical system in the United Arab Emirates by providing detailed statistical data on foreign trade.
  • Providing the necessary data to users and decision-makers.
  • Identifying the volume of trade by economic activity and aiding in understanding the priorities and current state of foreign trade in services in the Emirate.
  • A database about international trade in services.
  • Statistical tables about international trade in services, including services exports and imports.
  • The volume of trade in services with other Emirates.
  • The volume of trade in services with the rest of the world.

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