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Issue Date29 Dec 2023 Abu Dhabi’s non-oil economy expands 7.7% in Q3 2023 and 8.6% in first 9 month of 2023

The Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) has reported a substantial 7.7% growth in the real non-oil GDP of Abu Dhabi during the third quarter of 2023, in comparison to the same period in 2022. This growth is attributed to the success of Abu Dhabi’s comprehensive strategies aimed at fortifying its standing as a prominent economic powerhouse.

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Issue Date22 Nov 2023 SCAD Launches Field Survey to Support Gas Safety in Abu Dhabi

The Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) has initiated a field survey in collaboration with the Gas Safety Committee led by the Department of Energy - Abu Dhabi to comprehensively understand the patterns and usage of gas in residential units and buildings across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra regions.

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Issue Date20 Oct 2023 SCAD Launches AI-powered Insights and Foresights Platform 2.0 at GITEX 2023

The Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi (SCAD) has launched the second edition of its Insights and Foresights Platform (IFP 2.0) which aims to leverage state-of-the-art AI technologies to support policy-making and future planning for the government of Abu Dhabi.

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Issue Date11 Oct 2023 SCAD Delegation Visits Statistics Canada to Promote Cooperation, Takes Part in ISI World Statistics Congress 2023

A high-level delegation from the Statistics Centre – Abu Dhabi (SCAD) has paid an official visit to Canada’s National Statistical Agency (Statistics Canada) to discuss ways to promote mutual cooperation and share expertise in the fields of official statistics’ management, production, and dissemination.

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