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Government Financial Statistics
European Waste Classification
Energy Product
Research And Development Survey Methodology
International Trade
Individual Consumption (COICOP)
Non-Profit Institutions (COPNI)
Indicative Crop (ICC)
Harmonized Commodity (HS)
Abu Dhabi Districts
Activities For Time-Use (ICATUS)
Disability Classification (ICF)
Uses Of Agricultural Lands
Broad Economic Categories (BEC)
Classification Of Education (ISCED)
Process and analyze – From Data to Statistics According to GSBPM
National Standards for Statistical Data
Opinion Polls Implementation Guide
Register Based Statistics
Statistical Survey Implementation Guide
Statistical Indicators Metadata Preparation Guide
Statistical Analysis Principles Guide
Statistical Data Quality Framework
Statistical Data Editing Guide
Statistical Sampling Guide
Official Statistics in Abu Dhabi
Foreign Investment Survey Methodology
Industrial Producer Price Index Methodology​​
Small, Medium And Large-Sized Establishments
Foreign Investment Survey - 2014
Relationship To Workforce
Environment Survey 2015 Quality Statement​​
Annual Environmental Survey Methodology
Environment Survey Quality Statement -2014​
Environment Survey Quality Statement 2012​​​
Energy Survey Methodology
Climate Statistics Methodology
Environment Survey Quality Statement 2013
Environment Survey Quality Statement 2013