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Education Statistics Methodology
Environment Survey Quality Statement 2013
Environment Survey Quality Statement 2013
International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC)
Abu Dhabi Districts
Activities For Time-Use (ICATUS)
Disability Classification (ICF)
Uses Of Agricultural Lands
Broad Economic Categories (BEC)
Classification Of Education (ISCED)
Central Product Classification CPC
Culture, Entertainment And Social Care Statistics
Health Statistics Methodology
Vital Statistics Methodology (Births And Deaths)
Climate Statistics Methodology
Waste Statistics Methodology
Air Quality Statistics Methodology
Agriculture Statistics Methodology
Abu Dhabi Government’s Public Finance Statistics Methodology
Information And Communication Technology Statistics Methodology
Export And Import Unit Value Methodology
Agricultural Producer Price Index Methodology
Hotel Price Index Methodology
Building Materials Prices Methodology
GDP By Expenditure Approach Methodology
Foreign Investment Statistics Methodology​​​
Construction Cost Index Methodology​​​
Quarterly Economic Survey 2017 - Quality Statement