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Classification Of Crimes (UNODC)
Agricultural Equipment And Machine
Employment Status
School Enrollment
Educational Stage
Educational Level / Educational Status
Status Of Gathering The Establishment Data
Legal Entity
Establishment’s Status
Establishment’s Characteristic
Economic Sector Of The Establishment
Unit Usage
Unit Status
Type Of The Substance
Type of Air-Conditioning
Type (Form) Of Building
Tenure Type
Sources Of Water For The Establishment
Source Of Water For Domestic
Source Of Drinking Water
Residential Unit Type
Prayer Places & Mosques
Building Status
Building Characteristics
Statistical Survey Implementation Guide
Statistical Indicators Metadata Preparation Guide
Statistical Analysis Principles Guide
Statistical Data Quality Framework
Statistical Data Editing Guide
Statistical Sampling Guide
Official Statistics in Abu Dhabi
Process and analyze – From Data to Statistics According to GSBPM
National Standards for Statistical Data
Government Financial Statistics
European Waste Classification