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No, it provides statistical numbers and data which do not include a list of names (of individuals or companies) as such data are considered confidential according to the Law No. (7) of 2008 & Law No. (5) of 2021.


Click the "Statistical Projects" link on the home page of SCAD website.

SCAD collects data by two methods:
1- Administrative data - collected from different government departments ,Semi-government and private companies.
2- Surveys and opinion polls.

All the data provided by SCAD are free of charge.

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Customers can also send their inquiries and requests for support in connection with any indicator or statistical data by submitting an inquiry request here.

Statistics Centre issues monthly, quarterly, annual, and irregular publications such as "Abu Dhabi Over a Half Century".

You can visit the "Tenders" page here.


Access to the latest indicators, statistical reports and publication, in addition services page by going to following link click here.

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